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Samjung Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized at food-related plant
automated equipments from engineering, design, manufacturing, installation to
maintenance. Through sustainable conversation with users, Samjung Engineering
Co., Ltd. was established by people with expertise and passion to recompense for their
investment. We owe our steady progress to customers’ cooperation.

Also, all the staff make efforts to contribute to the automated industry, the demand of the times
based on years of experiences, the optimization of line-balance by processes for maximum
efficiency of production including thorough analyzing capability, technological know-how, and
professional consulting & engineering under rational and efficient administration system.

Therefore, according to sudden change of industrial environment, we promise our sincere
utmost effort for diversification of products, high-quality, cost reduction by productivity increase,
automation of production system for creating a higher value-added product along with business strategic change, and development of production method towards advancement
and sophistication.

We will appreciate your continuous encouragement, help and encouragement.

Thank you.


All the staff of a company